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Finished Yokes

Finished Yokes

When light duty imported electric yokes entered the swing stage market, Access Innovators was determined to find a domestic alternative that used true SOOW 600V-rated power cord instead of SJOOW 300V-rated vacuum cleaner cord. We succeeded and can offer high quality, durable, job site-ready SOOW electric T-Yoke splitters at a price that is comparable to the imports. Using General Cable/Carol Brand power cord and Hubbell plugs/connectors/boots, Access Innovators delivers 40’, 50’, and 60’ T-Yoke splitters that stand up to the most challenging field conditions.

The automotive grade molding material in our finished T-Yokes completely encases insulated blade terminals and strain relief anchors, providing the highest electrical safety available in the swing stage industry. Don’t take the risk of electrifying your platform with a compromised metal junction box or broken plastic junction yoke. Protect your team and your reputation with Access Innovators’ finished T-Yokes.


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