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Traction Hoists

Traction Hoists

The Skymax 1000 is a revolutionary new traction hoist that is unique in many ways. This hoist is designed and built for durability. The aluminum castings on the mechanical side of the hoist are the thickest in the industry. The handmade Decoster 1.5 HP motor design incorporates a dual wall shroud for consistent circulation of air and extra protection for the motor’s windings against physical damage. The motor is so well built that it doesn’t run at high Amps thus no thermal overload shut downs! The mechanical side of this motor is one of a kind. It has a patented split sheave that requires no adjustments and is surrounded by a polymer ring that in conjunction with the eccentric controls the sheave’s operation. No more wire rope crunching or popping! The Skymax 1000 only has three wear parts, too, and not one spring anywhere in the hoist.


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